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July 15 at Sunrise


Hollywood Fitness Beach

Day Retreat

Hosted by Our Divine Tribe + Path of Motion, experience a day retreat filled with movement and meditation. The cost of the retreat is $299. RSVP and we'll be in contact with payment details to confirm your spot! Check back for our two day weekend retreat that happens throughout the year as well!

Day Retreat
Day Retreat

Time & Location

July 15 at Sunrise

Hollywood Fitness Beach, 3600 Harbor Blvd, Oxnard, CA 93035, USA

About the event

If you’re an early bird you’re in luck! The event starts just after sunrise and will wind down around 3pm!

The goal of this Holistic Health & Fitness Event is to challenge you, inspire you, provide the tools you’ll need to truly take control of your health, connect with others on the same path and, of course, have a great experience!

If this is resonating and you feel stuck and confused by all of the conflicting information and really want to take control of your health, this event is for you!

And to make sure you have an awesome and even life changing experience, we’ve assembled a great supporting cast of specialists to help guide you through this journey of a day!

Chrissy, will guide retreat participants in their Sunrise Meditation and Yoga practice.

We've also got Dylan Kelly, young local surfer, trail runner and all around great athlete! And he happens to be a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist! Dylan will be doing a presentation on common injuries and Injury Prevention!

And of course, owner of Hollywood Beach Personalized Fitness and my favorite Drill Sgt., Chris Newton, C.P.T. will be pushing you through a special HIIT Circuit to really get things ramped up! We'll also discuss why High Intensity Interval Training is so effective!

To top it all off, Path of Motion's 30 year fitness industry vet, an Integrated Movement Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Coach and a Holistic Health Coach will be helping Coach Chris with the HIIT class, diving into some Breath Work with the group, and after lunch they'll be showing everyone how to use the Swiss Ball and why you need to be training with one!

In addition to that, you can expect a training on why Core Conditioning is so critical and we'll get into some Corrective Stretching as well!

Later on, we'll be covering the 6 Holistic Health Principles of:


These are the key principles that, when in balance, allow us to achieve optimal health so we can be the best versions of ourselves possible!

Good luck if any of these areas are out of balance!

Again, plan on an early start as we work our way through a series of classes and workshops; slowly ramping things up the first half of the day and winding down around 3pm.

The event will run something like this:

  • Meet & Greet/Introduction
  • Guided Meditation/Intention Setting w Chrissy
  • Breathe Better w Chris C.
  • Heat Building Yoga w/ Chrissy
  • Break Time/Fresh Organic Smoothies & Coffee
  • HIIT Circuit w/ Chris Newton, Owner HBPF
  • Cold Immersion
  • Lunch Time! We'll replenish w/ a delicious, high protein meal (TBT).
  • Swiss Ball/Core Conditioning Clinic w/ Chris C.
  • Common Injuries and Prevention w/ Dylan
  • The 6 Holistic Principles w/ Chris C.
  • Closing Ceremony

And we'll close it all out with a bang, of course!

Also, because Hollywood Beach Personalized Fitness is a smaller gym, there are only 15 spots open for this event!

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