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A Breath of Fresh Air in The City


Are you ready to start or strengthen your journey toward personal growth and well-being? From yoga classes to Pilates classes to organic recipes and more, our goal is to be a tribe of support for all generations. Welcome to the tribe!

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Meet up with Chrissy in person for yoga, pilates or just to go on a walk or run and talk. A one on one session is one of the safest ways to honor your body. Great for newbies or advanced practitioners who want a little bit more.

Any of the private Pilates or yoga sessions are good for up to two people. 


Zen out for a 2 day retreat, great for a group of friends, or a great way to meet new life long friends.

Upcoming Classes


  • EmpowerHER Women's Circle
    EmpowerHER Women's Circle
    Monthly - Every New Moon
    Location will be announced
    Monthly - Every New Moon
    Location will be announced
    Immerse on a monthly journey of empowerment and sisterhood with the EmpowerHER Women's Circle, held every New Moon. Experience heart-opening rituals, transformative movement, and soul-nourishing meditation, as we celebrate the beauty of womanhood and support each other on the path of self-discovery.
  • Day Retreat
    Day Retreat
    July 15 at Sunrise
    Hollywood Fitness Beach
    July 15 at Sunrise
    Hollywood Fitness Beach, 3600 Harbor Blvd, Oxnard, CA 93035, USA
    Hosted by Our Divine Tribe + Path of Motion, experience a day retreat filled with movement and meditation. The cost of the retreat is $299. RSVP and we'll be in contact with payment details to confirm your spot! Check back for our two day weekend retreat that happens throughout the year as well!

Embark on a five-week adventure with 'The Higher Self Curiosity Course'—your ticket to personal growth! Dive into four easy yoga and Pilates videos, plus meditation guides. Get weekly check-ins for support and follow a simple eating plan I really believe in. Each week focuses on something cool: mindset, feeling good, finding joy, clarity inside, and connecting spiritually. This guide is full of easy journal prompts and steps to make it fun and relatable. Join this journey to find balance, grow yourself, and make positive changes at your speed, following your inner feeling! Click now and start your adventure!

The Higher Self 
Curiosity Course


Discover the transformative journey from hidden secrets to embracing divine empowerment. Join us on Real Life Shhh as we unravel the depths of our stories, finding courage and worth through the lens of The Divine, transcending the shadows that once held us back.


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